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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

yeah I am a slacker again

so 2 things made me feel guilty for not updating the ol'blog

1st - single speed Forrest sent me a pic on the blog and I had no idea

2nd - Primetime added me to his list of blogs

either way i figured i better update the goings on, this spring i have cut back my traveling a bit so i am home more with the girls more and I get to ride the bike more. I have been riding with Skid almost everyday for the las couple of months and it has been great for my fitness. I feel as strong as I have since my junior days so that is great. I basically took 2 months off from racing I raced the st.george race and got a humbling 12th. during the next 2 months I wasn't traveling because heather was in and out of labor so i just put the hammer down and trained.

fast forward afew months I am now a dad to a beautiful lil girl and I am feeling really fit so I decided to head up to Lava hot springs Race and test my fitness. Hunter and I day tripped up there to shred the cow trails. I didn't know any of the Idaho 1gear racers so I took a page from slyfox and attacked right from tthe start and didn't let up. I ended up laying the hurt down on all the 1 gear warriors AND all the geared sport racers. it felt good.

the next week I came to my hometown race up in the Hebe ready to rip, I had been racing this course the last few wednesday nights against all the gearies and I felt really strong. so i decided to go out pretty hard and see who went with me, I did and was not surprised when brad keyes went hard right at me and pretty much blew me up in the first lap, so i reined it in a litte and tried to make a 2nd lap push to catch brad, I cought brad on the last lap in the fire roads and it wa s a drag race to the finish I ended up getting him by about a minute. I was superr stoked.

fast forward a week and a few days, the draper race. all the big guns in the SS class were there and a whole bunch of super fast unknowns, I gotta agree with forres that the SS class is the second hardest class after the pro's. we had 19 racers and they all came ready to roll. I got a good start and got a bit of a gap on kenny brad and gallager about 2 miles into it gallager came by me and the another mile or so brad and kenny came past me. I tried to stay with them on the climb bu i didn't have it so i backed it off a bit and got down about 3 minon those guys by the top of the climb I attacked on the DH and the small power climbs and got back a minute and a half by the second lap climb I closed it down to under a minute on Kenny by the finnish but couldn't do any better. I am happy with a 4th place result but i am gonna come hard at the 'dance on saturday you beter believe it.

big ups to Forrest for goin green on monday your a better man than me. and it was also good to see kday back in mix and we even saw a glimpse of the beav.

till next week


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Forrest said...

Thanks for the props. I love the Sundance race, my favorite course, I hope I can make it out! You got form right now, ride it hard while it lasts! Keep blogging, its cool to read everyones perspective on racing! Sundance is going to be a smackdown for you fast guys again.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger KDAY said...

Good to see you back on the blog. nice update too. Can't wait to ride in PC tomorrow night and the weekend race should be pretty sweet if we get some moisture.


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