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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

gettin beat

so last weekend was the sundace race, there were a whole new crop of singlespeeders there, imagine if we could get the SLC 1speeders togethor with the UC 1speeders we would have a killer group, but maybe thats too much to ask. any way there was another good group of racers there plus all the usuals( kenny, Brad, Forrest ....), I like this course it has a good dh plus a ton of fun 1 track.

so at the start I played a little tactical move that I learned from last years race, I have learned that if you let kenny and brad get away early they will work togethor and you will never see them again (example Draper race). so I purposely started very hot up the pavement and put a gap on the group but my purpose was really to get up into the experts in front of us because if I could get up into those guys and have few in between myself and brad and kenny it would jam everyone up on the single track and it keep kenny close. so i did just that and got 2 or 3 experts between me and the rest of the field then I made a couple of bigger passes in the single track so the end result was a big group of us wheel to wheel in the single track through most of the first lap or at least until the DH.

So once Kenny got passed me on the last climb then I battled with brad a bit and passed him back on the DH and held off until the second lap where he layed the hurt on me, I tried to real him in but I never could get within a minute or so. on the final last climb up the pavemnt I came out of the one track and kept an eye to see if any other SSers were close and I didn't see any so I just kept putting tempo in up the hill until the last 100 meters I could hear someone coming and it was the dude on the 69er charging hard trying to steal a position from me so I got on it hard and edged him out by a bike length, he seemed kinda pissed cuz he threw down his bike at the finish line. in reality if i had delayed 1 more second he would have got me. I guess I gotta pay better attention cuz there are some fast kids racing these days.


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