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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

chasin gears

last night I went up with Ryan and Kday to pre ride the DV course. Ryan and I were late because we stopped to see the Beav and his new kid so we missed the jans Ride, sorry paul and holiday we will have to pop wheelies another day. so we did a lap of the course and we did it faster than I would have liked but it was good, when we all ride togethor it always ends up being a mexican drag race at some point or another. the course was good but kinda dusty, but i think I have the right gearing 35x22 if anyone wants to know. once we finished a lap we debated doing another one but instead we rallied out to explore some good PC 1 track. I wish I could tell you where we went but I have no idea all I know is that we ended up near the top of guardsmen and got into some crazy trails made of sticks and logs and stuff. which would have been great except I was on a 29er single speed which doesn't really lend itself to freeriding. so I am sticking to the comment that only gay guys ride wood. ( no offense to any one out there who is into wood or dudes, thats just one mans oppinion). the worse part is that we hit those super technical trails at likee 9 pm which is pretty dang dark so that added an element of excitement.

this is what I saw mostly last night
It doesn't matter where we ride but when i ride with ryan and Kev it always turns into an epic but that is the fun of it. all in all I think I held my own with those 2, they dropped me a few times but other than that I was happy. you guys up in pro should watch out though because Kday is getting faster.


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