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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yeah I am slacker

so i wish I had an excuse for not posting in like 6 months other than I am a slacker so I am going to give a quick update or outline for the past few months


helped my dad kill a big one while Iwent to wyoming and campedin a blizzard and missed the biggest buck of my life

I rode my bike a little

did some early season hike and ski at alta

All the while I have been working and traveling a ton

once the snow started falling I skied a bit more (i stole this pic from kdays blog http://kdayracing.blogspot.com)

I also went to europe with heather to stay with our friends the jenkins in switzerLand. which was killer we skied there a bit also .

Oh yeah heather is 8 months pregnant with a baby girl so that is cool I get to stay home more now until the baby is born so that is good.

so there you go that is the last few months in a nutshell hopefully i will be a little better from now on