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Monday, April 02, 2007

a few new additions to the household

last week heather birthed a brand new baby girl, I just stood there not trying to look (what can I say i am not into the blood and guts) but everybodies healthy and strong. Its pretty wild to finally have a little one here its definately a change to the life but for sure a good one, I just gotta learn to survive on less sleep.

< - finley may already gettin wild and not even a week old

sorry about the shady pics but I dropped my camera on the garage floor after this shot so i will try and get a few more shots later.

oh yeah I am waiting on pinns and needles to see what blaney pulls out of his bag for a new bike for this year he is claiming that it may not even be a C-dale.

all the Cat 5 road warriors better watch out at the Hell of the north because I just got a call from Snyman that he is in for a little road race on saturday. he is fresh off of stickiin it to the euros all winter. with him and blaney and i there might be some trouble on saturday